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Many kids, many bikes, one mission: cure cancer. Kids of all ages find fun, camaraderie, and inspiration in bringing us closer by the mile to the cure for cancer with donations to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Find a ride

Chelmsford-Westford PMC Kids Ride

Event Details

  • Bruce Freeman Rail Trail starting at Byam
    School, Chelmsford MA
  • 25 Maple Road Chelmsford, MA
  • Saturday May 20, 2017, 8am to 12 noon
  • All ages
  • Registration fee: $20
    Mandatory fundraising minimum: $25, suggested: $30
  • Email contact: Tina Williams

Welcome to the 2016 PMC Chelmsford-Westford Kids Ride!

I am very excited to be hosting the seventh annual PMC Chelmsford-Westford Kids Ride and my first as a coordinator. I am a 27 year PMC rider and started my 2 little girls riding this ride prior them each turning 2 years old. My family and I are very devoted to the PMC and I really am excited to have the opportunity to expand my PMC affiliation by coordinating this awesome ride in my hometown. I envision passing the "coordinator torch" to my daughters when they are age appropriate as they have the PMC love in them as well. Cancer has struck too many in all our lives and I am very dedicated to the missions the PMC has set forth in assisting in finding a cure to this disease. I love everything the PMC represents and feel strongly that our efforts as a PMC family will continue to make monumental strides in saving lives. Kids love to ride their bikes and may not know what cancer is but can ride as valiantly as adults in riding "closer by the mile" to finding a a cure! I look forward to meeting you all and to growing this ride with your help. The Bettinelli family (photo below), my co-coordinators and I thank you so much for you joining us and including your children in this wonderful event!

Our ride will take place along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail with various distance routes from which to choose (see below for greater detail).


This ride is participating in the '47 Incentive.  Your child's $20 Registration fee will then grant your child a $20 coupon to use at the '47 Yawkey Way store at Fenway Park.

The hub of this event will be located at the Byam Primary School, located at 25 Maple Road Chelmsford, MA.

Registration will commence at 8 am and the rides will begin at 9 am for all 4 route options. We will stagger the start times based upon ages, distances riding and number of riders. We will keep everything very organized and safe for all. With this PMC event taking place in Chelmsford & Westford, we have named the routes to be associated with the Chelmsford and Westford towns' mascots.

1) Tikes on Trikes Ride for Tiny Tots: The Simba-Casper the Friendly Ghost Route

We will have an area located in the Byam Primary School's roadway for young children riding on tricycles, bikes with training wheels or any adult assisted, ride-on to participate in this year's Chelmsford-Westford PMC Kids Ride! Go to registration and chose the option for: Tiny Tots Ride. Your child will receive a t-shirt and be able to participate in all the activities of the day. This is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the world of cycling and fundraising for cancer research. The ride will be very low key and enjoyable for the kids  and parents/guardians.

24 Mile Route: The Cub Ride

This ride will start from the Byam Primary School and head North towards the Chelmsford Brickhouse Pizza Restaurant and reverse direction taking the kids back to the Byam Primary school. ~ 2 mi to/from the school.

3) 6 Mile Route: The Lion Ride

This ride will start from the Byam Primary School and head South towards the Westford town line and reverse direction back to the Byam Primary School. ~ 3 mi to/from the school.

4) 10 Mile Route: The Grey Ghost Ride

This ride if for the older, more experienced cyclist and those looking for a challenge in the form of distance. This ride will start from the Byam Primary School and head North to the Chelmsford Brickhouse Pizza Restaurant, reverse direction and head back towards the Byam Primary School and continue on the bike path to the Westford border and then reverse direction back to the Byam Primary School. ~5 mi loop to/from the school.


Adult supervision cycling with the kids in the form of an experienced cyclist easily identified by wearing a PMC volunteer t-shirt will be provided along all the routes as well as a non-rider at every intersection. The intersections along this route are very lightly traveled and will have orange cones and 2 crossing supervisors/auxiliary Chelmsford & Westford Police details keeping your children safe. 

Volunteers are needed! Check the volunteer positions to sign up.

If you have other ideas to help me grow this event, please reach out to me via my email posted. 

For your kids' entertainment prior to the ride, during the return of the cyclists and then for a post ride party, there will be face painting, raffle prizes, music, ice cream, snacks, games, and a lot more! Please encourage your friends' kids, family members' kids and school groups, etc to join us on Saturday, June 11, 2016 for this fun filled fundraising event. Remember, 100% of every dollar raised will be donated directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The 2016 PMC goal is to raise $46 Million!

I am a practicing Physician Assistant and Michele is Critical Care RN. We will be available for any medical emergency or treatment of first aid as needed.

Just as a reminder, all children must wear a cycling helmet to participate in this event. FYI: All helmets sold in the U.S. must meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC standard. A sticker will be found on the inside of the helmet when purchased new.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

Tina Williams

Below is a photo of my family, my husband, Glenn, my two daughters, Emma (6 yo) and Isabella (4 yo) and me from the 2015 PMC Chelmsford-Westford Kids Ride.

Below is a photo of my co-coordinators, Dave, Michele and Nikki Bettinelli from the 2015 PMC ride.

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